I've been asking myself that question for years now and I've yet to find an answer. Doctors are so concerned with protecting themselves from malpractice lawsuits they spend millions of dollars on insurance, they silence people mistreated by the system they work in with therets and lawsuits, it's so bad a doctor's reputation means more than a patient's life, and a lot of the times patients are too afraid to file complaints or leave negative feedback in fear of backlash. Nobody wants to be the person who shit talks a doctor (expect for me of course). But if doctors are so concerned about malpractice why aren't they doing anything to actually prevent it? Major organizations in the medical community willfully ignore abuse by doctors, I have personally reported my experiences with sexual abuse by gynecologists to the American College of Gynecology several times and never received any response, I have also called them out on social media and was also ignored. I reported my rape by an ER doctor to my local and national medical boards, and I never heard anything from either of them. It was as if I'd never even reported it at all. I also reported to the police and was told it was not possible to press charges against the doctor who raped me because it's illegal not considered rape to penetrate someone's vagina against their will as long as it was for a medical reason, and a malpractice lawyer I spoke to told me I didn't have any evidence that proves what I say happened really happened. Why don't I have evidence? Simple. The hospital covered it up. I don't think I was this doctor's first victim, in fact I think that this doctor probably had many allegations and complaints against him and the hospital knew that, but for some reason they did not fire this doctor. Instead they defended him. When I filed a compliment with the hospital this doctor defended himself by claiming that I was violent, I attacked him, and I was unhinged and mentally incompetent, he claimed that dehydration and a fever was to blame. I have never heard of a person becoming the level of unhinged this doctor claimed I was from a fever or being dehydrated, and even considering I had been on fever reducers and fluids for over 24 hours when the assault took place and I supposedly attacked him. He also claimed that my mom who was with me in the ER was disagreeing with him and refusing medical care for me, and that my boyfriend threatened him with serious bodily harm. None of that was true, which if the hospital had actually done an investigation into my claims they would have known that I had asked multiple hospital staff members for a new doctor, and said that this particular doctor made me uncomfortable, I refused treatment from him multiple times, and adamantly refused the invasive exam that was later done against my will. After the fact I also asked repeatedly to leave the hospital, and Hospital staff refused to give me back my personal belongings that they had taken away when I checked into the hospital and put on a gown, this included my clothes, my phone, and several pieces of jewelry that included a several hundred dollar ring that belonged to my grandma, and a necklace my boyfriend had gotten me for our anniversary. I was sure I was going to be held at the hospital for quite some time even though I wanted to leave, until I filed my complaint and my doctor told me that I either had to leave or be checked into the psych ward, because I was supposedly violent and unstable, and my boyfriend would have to leave the hospital immediately and not return. I chose to leave of course. And there are thousands of people all over the world that have stories just like mine, stories in which doctors commit horrible crimes against innocent patients with no accountability or justice. Despite the fact but there are several organizations that claim to be there to protect patient rights, that is clearly a blatant lie those organizations are actually out to protect doctors from accountability. Because, using my story of an example, had I managed to file a malpractice lawsuit, or press charges against this doctor it would not just be him who suffered the consequences, it would also be his employers… The entire hospital. This hospital would rather defend a rapist then lose a doctor and have to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees and restitution if anyone was convicted, and that's not even considering how damaging the media attention a case like this could be for the hospital, because even if they managed to get away from the justice system unscathed they'd be hard-pressed to find very many patients willing to go to the hospital and risk having what happened to me happen to them. So rather than holding this doctor accountable for assaulting a patient they instead believed and probably encouraged this doctor to lie and discredit a patient's claims of abuse with no investigation. They all knew that I was not violent or unstable, but it was just easier and significantly cheaper to drag my character through the mud then to admit that they hired  rapist and hold him accountable for his actions. so it's the medical industry lacks all accountability and nobody is doing anything about it anytime soon, what can patients do to keep themselves safe? Personally although I know it seems a bit extreme, I think the best possible course of action for a patient concerned for their safety is to ensure that if something does happen they have the evidence to prove it and eliminate any possible he-said-she-said argument, the best way to do that is to just simply record your doctor's visits. It's actually incredibly simple given that most of us have a digital recorder in our pocket everywhere we go, simply reaching down before you walk into an exam room and pressing record button on your phone could potentially change your life. It's 100%  legal for you to do so, but doctors don't like it. Many highly-respected physician colleges claim that if everyone recorded their doctor visits malpractice claims would skyrocket and hundreds of innocent doctors would lose their jobs and credibility. But my question to them is if these doctors aren't doing anything wrong then why do they even care? Malpractice lawsuits probably would skyrocket, because more patients would have the evidence to prove they were being abused. This would massively decrease the amount of doctors abusing their patients, but it wouldn't turn also effect the profit of the medical industry. As far as how we actually stop the abuse and prevent hospital administrators and medical boards from hiding the abuse I think the chance we have is a #metoo movement focused on the medical industry, because if the authorities won't help us we will just help ourselves, public online shaming and deplatforming has proved itself effective in cases like Harvey Weinstein, so why can't it work preventing medical abuse as well? So if you've been hurt by a doctor I encourage you to not let them silence you, there are people who believe you and want to help you, so take to social media and use #wedeservebetter to tell your story.