Ohio attorney Jay Kelley recalls a tragic case in which a young woman died due the negligence in a hospital and their plan to hide the truth. Our client was the parents of a 21 year old college student who began having flu-like symptoms days before being admitted to the hospital. She was studying for finals and simply felt she was just a bit ill. Her condition worsened and she was taken to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a routine infection that surrounded her kidneys. After her parents left one night, she fell into an unconscious state and was unable to be revived. As we researched this horrific event, the hospital told a story in which the nursing staff checked on the patient only about an hour after her parents left that night and that is when they found her unconscious. They stated the staff reacted as they should; they tried to revive her with a crash cart. Yet, there was some evidence missing and we continued to ask for it. Every crash cart is supposed to be equipped with a code sheet confirming that it had all the equipment ready. But when we asked for it, the sheet had mysteriously disappeared. Many requests and 4 years later, it was still not found. But at trial, a nurse came forward and explained that she had the code sheet which showed the cart was not stocked correct and even more negligence became apparent as it took the staff too long to find one that was. Her guilt helped the truth come out that the hospital tried to hide their wrongdoing in the death of this young woman. Watch this video to learn more. To learn more about personal injury law, explore our educational website at, where you can view some of our case results in many different types of accident cases. If you have legal questions, I want you to call me at 1-800-ELK-OHIO. I welcome your call.