Connecticut - FIRST - YES - I KNOW SHE HAS 30 DAYS TO SEND THEM OR SHE NEEDS TO SEND A NOTE FOR AN EXTENTION AND YES I KNOW SHE CAN REFUSE TO LET ME SEE THEM IF SHE THINKS IT WOULDN'T BE GOOD FOR MY MENTAL HEALTH BUT THATS NOT APPLICABLE IN THIS SITUATION - PLEASE READ BELOW TO SEE MY QUESTION - sorry just last time i posted about this subject I got this reply over and over - yes, I know this info So like the title says I wrote an ethics complaint against her and it was accepted. It was a lot of dual relationship stuff. Ive been bitching about it over at r/talktherapy for a year now. Anyway, she terminated with me back in April. I wanted to do the right thing and since I'm not supposed to have any further contact with her I had a lawyer contact her to request my medical records. Well apparently when she recived the letter from my lawyer she called him up and said she wouldn't release my records without a supeana - she thinks Im gonna sue her ( cause she fucked up big time and I have evidence to prove it ) but I'm not. (I only wanted them to get my PTSD diagnosis so I could get a medical marijuana card.) My lawyer told her this. He told her he wasnt even that kind of lawyer but apparently her response was 'Well I'm going to have to talk to my malpractice lawyer first.' - That was back in August. The 30 days has well passed and myself/my lawyer never received a letter asking for an extention or saying that it wasnt in my best interst to see the notes.( which is just silly anyway but i know its a reason ahe could use ) So what now? And what type of punishment could she face if I report her? This is just another example of her crazy behavior. She only follows the rules she wants. Theres still this stupid part of me that wants to protect her. Thanks