**UPDATE TL;DR:** Mostly resolved. Wife was freed after first meeting at mental health facility. The doctor said it was clearly a mistake and apologized profusely. We're filing an ethics complaint against the initial psychiatrist. We will also be speaking with a malpractice lawyer on Monday, though we'll likely drop it if the hospital does not charge us for these involuntary services and the 5150 hold associated with my wife will be dropped from her records. F**inal notes:** I got more information from my wife. She wasn't terribly interested in going to this particular appointment as she wasn't very interested in taking any medication for depression. She only went because our healthcare provider called her and made it easy to set up. To her, she was going to go there, hear the psychologist out with an open mind about prescription medication, and then most likely refuse. When she was given the test, the psychiatrist asked her questions at the same time she was filling out the quiz (meanwhile my wife has ADHD). She was largely answering his questions with terse or flippant answers from focusing on the test and not really being interested in getting a prescription. My wife told him that I (her husband) work a lot, she feels bad about her parenting skills, she had twice taken MDMA as a treatment tool for her depression in the past (once early this week and once three months ago), and that she currently isn't interested in prescription medication but would hear him out on the subject. She mentioned that the MDMA plus lack of sleep gave her a "hangover" on Tuesday, and she while she had suicidal thoughts that day (and only that day this week), she believed them to be associated with her fatigue (and said as much to me on Tuesday). During their discussion about taking a prescription medication, she remembers him getting increasingly dismissive towards her and at one point said, "You know I could have you held in a mental healthcare facility?" My wife recalls looking up from her quiz thinking it was a joke and replied with an incredulous smile and said, "Right, but why?" And he replied with "Here, now you can take a break while your husband gets his act together". He had a "we know best for you" attitude at this point and then informed her that she was no longer free to leave and would be admitted for 72 hours. She was barely restrained on her way to the ER. She was strip searched when she got there and all of her belongings were confiscated. She was held in the ER for about 5 hours before being transferred to a secure mental healthcare facility. She had no privacy and no freedom to move around (she was held in a cell with a plexi-glass door where a guard could see clearly into her room). I visited her for about 30 minutes before her second ambulance arrived to take her to the mental healthcare facility. They then put her in full restraints and transported her to the mental healthcare facility. Once she arrived, they strip searched her, etc. Ultimately, the staff are doing what they are supposed to do and simply trusting that she was admitted for a reason. Neither of us are happy about her treatment, but we are also not mad at them about it. She said several staff members seemed confused about why she was there, including nurses and security. Some of them even asked her in a bewildered tone about why she was there. Once she saw her psychiatrist in the mental healthcare facility, she told him everything she told the first doctor and he seemed really confused and concerned about it. He said he'd call her therapist and get more context. After that, he called me for more context, and after about 5 minutes of discussion, he said that he felt she should not have been put on a 5150 hold, that she is in no way a risk to herself at this time, and that she will be released as soon as I get there to pick her up. He did recommend that I remove the gun from our residence in case her condition gets worse in the future (especially if she is using "heart openers" as a therapeutic tool -- a term he used to refer to psychoactive drugs that positively affect one's emotional state that are proven to be effective treatments for depression). The psychiatrist then talked to my wife, he apologized and informed her that she was being released and that she should not have been sent there. He told her that her original psychiatrist may have reacted this way due to the use of illegal drugs over prescription drugs, he may have done this as a way to remove the gun from the premise, he may have misinterpreted her blunt/terse responses, or some combination of these factors. He told her that none of these things qualified her to be put on a 5150. I arrived shortly after noon and my wife was released within 10 minutes of my arrival. The biggest kicker out of all of this: **she saw her therapist the day before her appointment with the psychiatrist.** He even noted how much better she has been doing recently. He could have 5150'ed my wife at any point in the last year and didn't, even when her condition was far worse. **ORIGINAL POST:** Hello r/legaladvice from the state of California (Los Angeles)! My wife and I switched insurance providers recently, so my wife went to see a psychiatrist to see if she's a candidate for depression medication. She's currently seeing a therapist for depression and has been with the same therapist for about a year with increasingly positive results. When talking to her psychiatrist, she admitted to having suicidal thoughts recently (on Tuesday of this week, but not currently), she stated that she had no intentions of actually following through with it, and she admitted that we do own a gun (though it's a 30 year old antique, disassembled, and neither of us know how to use it \[she divulged that she has no knowledge of how to assemble or use it, but not it's age\]). The psychiatrist then decided to have her involuntarily committed. While she does have depression, she has been getting treatment for it from a licensed therapist for the past year and has shown great improvement during that time. Further, she actively seeks out help for her issue and recognizes that her thoughts come and go, and she doesn't have any intentions on acting on them. We have a lot of plans for our future and she hasn't shown any sign that she thinks her depression is normal, nor has she actively taken any steps to follow through on her suicidal thoughts. After reading CA law, it seems that the psychiatrist may be over reacting. When I read the list of reasons why a person can be involuntarily committed in the state of CA, she doesn't show most of the signs. In fairness, I don't know what was said in her psychiatrist's office other than what my wife told me (so I have no way of knowing if there was a miscommunication). The thing that really makes me skeptical of this process is that the psychiatrist works for the same company that owns the psychiatric facility she is being sent to, and that same company is also our insurance provider -- so I'm concerned there is a bit of, "Yep, we need to make money off of this person involuntarily". Currently, I'm in a "wait and see" mode to gather as much information as I can and to see what the doctor(s) decide to do moving forward. That said, does this sound like a normal situation? Is there anything I can do at the moment to speed up this process? ​ **tl;dr:** Medical provider committed wife. Trust = (authority + reliability + empathy) / self-interest. 1.) involuntary commitment was very unempathetic (ambulance, restraints, etc). 2.) there is a lot of self interest due to the medical provider being able to make money off of someone involuntarily. 3.) my wife was actively seeking treatment and has shown significant improvement. 4.) wife has never threatened suicide, but has admitted to having suicidal thoughts during stressful periods. 5.) wife has never attempted suicide. **UPDATE 1:** \- My wife took a 5-10 minute quiz and had a 5-10 minute discussion. She says the initial psychiatric appointment felt like it took 10 minutes, but it definitely did not take longer than 20 minutes and that the time for her to take the quiz was about as long as her discussion with the psychiatrist. \- In a couple of replies, I mentioned that my wife was restrained. The medical personnel did bring restraints but most of them were not used other than a single basic strap she couldn't undo herself. \- The security guard who saw her put on the gurney said she seemed normal and in relatively good spirits. \- I attempted to refuse service at the hospital, and they told me that it is a "5150 hold" and she cannot be released at the current time. \- Her therapist (for over 1 year) was not contacted. \- When I brought up my wife's therapist with the ER nurse, she was surprised that it wasn't in the psychiatrist's notes. My wife said she talked to the psychiatrist about her therapist for a part of their conversation. \- Information in my wife's file is slightly inconsistent with what she told me - it seems that her statements were oversimplified and taken out of context. The vast majority of her statements are there, but they are made to sound as if it's a "I want to do this right now!" as opposed to "I had some thoughts on Tuesday..." \- This one 20 minutes psychiatry appointment is now leading to: 1 ER visit, 2 ambulance rides, and a 48 hour stay in a mental health facility, all owned by the same company. **UPDATE 2:** \- Wife was transported to the mental health facility from the ER in full restraints. I was there when the EMTs arrived and she was joking with the EMTs, guards, and nurses when I left. \- She's now at another facility and I can't contact her directly. She can't use her cell phone and can only call me using "patient pay phones". I apparently can only visit with her from 1PM-3PM or 7:30PM-8:30PM. \- She says in a phone call from early this morning, "the food sucks, the people are nice, and I'm as well as I can be in a situation like this." **UPDATE 3:** \- I just spoke with her psychiatrist at the facility she was sent to last night. He says he doesn't feel she should have been admitted on a 5150 and he's releasing her at 12PM noon today! **UPDATE 4:** \- I picked up my wife and we had a nice lunch together =). She said she talked with her psychiatrist in the mental health facility twice - in an initial interview that lasted about 30 minutes, and again after he informed her that she in no way should have been admitted involuntarily. In between those two meetings, he called her current therapist and then called me. After getting the information, he requested that we remove the gun from our house, though I'm not sure if we'll have to since the 5150 hold seems improper. \- We are filing an ethics complaint with the []( \- We will be speaking to a malpractice lawyer on Monday about the psychiatrist who initiated the 5150 hold.