Hey r/medicalschool, So to put it bluntly, I think a lot of us are [worried about finances]( There are a lot of M4$ becoming PGY-1$ this year on here that are probably starting to [freak out(!)]( about money in general. I collected a bunch of relevant links from r/personalfinance that are related to medical school debt, and a bunch of other related topics. ________ General Finances - - Book recommendation: The Millionaires Next Door; [Example Resident budget]( - - - - - ________ Residents/New Docs - Fellow - Student debt - Future family doctor (not lots of comments) - First job - 30yo doctor with first salary job - 28yo IM doctor - ROTH IRA Married and Finances: - Married doctor finances - Married doctor finances ROUND TWO - ROUND 3 - And another newlywed couple ________ Other: - Frugal Doctor - Australian Doctor - Investing in 401K - Malpractice/Liability insurance - Premed (is medical school worth it?) - ________ This is the [full search results for "medical school" in r/personalfinance]( ________ I thought this was important to get going here also: - [Side hustles and Other financial subreddit guide]( I stole this from the top comment of that post for you guys: **Tools/Resources** /r/ynab /r/DaveRamsey /r/mintuit **Hustles** *Side business* /r/Flipping /r/dropship /r/smallbusiness *"Easy" money* /r/slavelabour/ /r/perktv /r/HITsWorthTurkingFor /r/SwagBucks /r/beermoney *Exploiting deal* /r/churning /r/giftcardexchange **Investing** /r/investing /r/RobinHood /r/wallstreetbets /r/SecurityAnalysis /r/InvestmentClub /r/StockMarket /r/Stock_Picks /r/Forex /r/options /r/cryptocurrencies **General** /r/personalfinance /r/PersonalFinanceCanada /r/FinancialPlanning /r/CRedit /r/StudentLoans /r/negotiation **Frugal Living** /r/povertyfinance /r/Frugal /r/DumpsterDiving /r/frugalmalefashion /r/SelfSufficiency /r/almosthomeless **Financial Independence** *Country specific* /r/fican /r/fiaustralia /r/FIREUK /r/ukpersonalfinance /r/EuropeFIRE /r/vosfinances *General* /r/financialindependence /r/leanfire /r/fatFIRE ________ And of course there is always,, and (for when we *make* it)... I'm sure there are others of these that are helpful. ________ [AAFP lecture]( to resident personal finances. I thought this was a nice general overview of things we should be considering. ________ These are [the search results from r/medicine for "debt"]( There are a lot of individual links to articles in that serach but I pulled out a bunch of more personal stories looking for advice... decent looking links I handpicked from that search: - - - - - - - - - ________ whitecoatinvestor [Financial Tips for Pre-meds and Medical Students]( [Questions from Medical Students – Podcast #33]( [14 Ways To Save Thousands as an Intern]( [Financial Survival Guide For New Interns]( [Intern Financial Survival Guide – From One Intern to Another]( [Three of the Smartest Financial Choices a Resident Physician Can Make]( [A Resident’s Net Worth]( [Financial Survival As A Resident]( [Miserly Versus Thrifty – From a Resident Perspective]( [10 Reasons Why Residents Shouldn’t Buy A House]( [The 10 Commandments of The White Coat Investor]( [10 Things That Matter Most In Personal Finance]( [Stupid Doctor Tricks-Biggest Financial Mistakes]( [Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford]( [Top 7 Financial Errors Doctors Make (And How to Avoid Them)]( [Multiple Streams of Income]( [List of recommended books]( ________ So hopefully we can improve this list and make some sort of resource etc. for all the students that are lost, like us. ________ edit: spelling, formatting, 'arry Potta' gifs, whitecoatinvestor links, and the r/medicine links