Things with my MIL have been pretty good for a while, but over the last few weeks I've been falling back into feeling angry and resentful and I can feel it affecting my marriage again so I need to vent. I'll start with why I'm pissed today. Spring break has started and my kids are off school from today through next week. I didn't take any of the days off because we're moving soon and I want to save all my time for that. I work from home, so I'm trying to keep phone meetings to a minimum and just work while they're here. Today is the trickiest day because there's a big executive meeting later that I have to dial in to, and while I don't usually have to speak on the call, there are definitely times where someone has a question or I have to back my manager up on something and I have to be ready to contribute in those cases. It's a 2 hour call, so I hesitate to ask my teenager to watch the little kids for 2 full hours for maybe no reason, so I'm just going to wing it and hope for the best. It's stressful, but it is what it is. Well, DH decided a couple days ago that he'd work from home today too! But not to help me. To escort his mother around town to various doctors offices to get his dad's medical records. Then he'll take her out for lunch (she's lonely!) and then do some stuff around her house. ---blood pressure rising--- "They" need these medical records because DH finally started calling around to lawyers to try to get a malpractice case going related to his father's death nearly 2 years ago, but the statute of limitations is so close now that no one will take the case except one firm who needs all the records by next week to even consider it. For 2 years MIL has flatly refused to take any action on this lawsuit til DH finally did it for her and now she can't/won't do the legwork by herself either. She's got no chance of succeeding with this lawsuit because of how long she waited for DH to just do it for her so it extra bugs me that this whole day is basically a waste of time. We're in the process of buying a house, which is the root of all the rest of my annoyances lately. She gave DH some money as a gift to help us buy it, which was very nice, especially given her financial circumstances. It was done after a lot of prying and criticism about our financial situation (it's our first house and she refused to believe that we could buy a house with less than 20% down because her friends told her bla bla bla). The amount is small in the context of buying this house but it's big in the context of a widow with no income so it was accepted because we wanted her to feel like she is helping, but the amount doesn't really accomplish anything mortgage-related. He thanked her profusely, but I heard yesterday that she's very upset that I did not personally thank her as well. Fine- I can see the point in that, I should have personally thanked her. But it's all just happening right now so there hasn't really been much time, and why do we now have to make it awkward by complaining about me? I already told DH he should not have told me that - I would have thanked her at some point and that now it's going to be awkward. She's also not a fan of how I react to my parents giving me advice and feedback about our new house vs. when she does it. My father has been building and renovating homes his entire life and his job is to maintain residences and buildings for an entire state-wide church diocese. Whatever he tells me, I take as fact. His commentary has been strictly about the structure and integrity of the house, with the exception of one suggestion about building a deck which I considered but ended up not agreeing with. My mother has an incredible aptitude for designing and remodeling rooms - her kitchen should be in a freakin' magazine. She's very hands-on and DIY and she has done a TON of work on her house. I definitely value her suggestions and she's made some great ones already. My MIL is helpless and can't even go pick up medical records by herself. She's been talking about redoing her kitchen for the decade+ I've known her and hasn't touched it. I've seen her renovate 1 room in her house and it's taken her years and it's nothing special. The "suggestions" she's given me about the house are pretty much just criticisms so I don't know how she would want me to take things differently or why anyone would expect to have their opinions respected when they act like they don't know how to do anything in life and need their son to do everything for them. Even so, I think I've been very gracious in listening to her feedback, with one exception of her harping on how our dining room is so big and are we sure we want that to be the dining room and not the room I picked to be my office which is half the size. I snapped "so you think it would be better to have my office in this huge room?" 90% of the rest of her comments are just things that make it seem like she thinks we're idiot children, like "You know if the sellers take this lighting fixture they have to replace it, right?" No, MIL, we thought the seller was going to rip out all the lighting fixtures before closing. Ok, sorry for the novel here guys. I just really needed to get all this off my chest because it's starting to get me into a horrible mood and I've been losing my patience with DH (sometimes deservedly like today lol). In better news, she's agreed she should sell her house and move to a 55+ community. She has a lot of work to do on her house before she can sell it, though, so that's probably years off since I'm not letting DH put off getting our home set up so he can go renovate her house for her.