I've always been a lurker for this sub, so when I mentioned it to my mother she requested I post to see if we can get some additional advice. I live out of state and am getting details about the event second hand. Still, this is the way I understand it at this time. My brother just turned 16 and is a fairly new driver. While driving home he'd just passed from a busy four-lane road that was narrowing down into a two-lane. There was a third turn lane in the middle of the north and south routes. There are no intersection, crosswalk or pedestrian zones within 100 yards of the area. An older gentleman had already crossed the northbound lane and was standing in the middle of the road in the turn lane. My brother thought the guy had seen him and he was standing and waiting for him to pass. There was no other lane for the man to be watching and he hadn't made an attempt to cross. At the last moment, the man apparently rushed out like he was trying to get across before my brother passed him. He wasn't hit head-on because my brother slammed on his breaks, but he did catch him on the front right. My brother's passenger side windshield is shattered and the gentleman was moved from the local hospital to the city medical center an hour away for surgery. We have no real knowledge of his condition, which is understandable. The police did not ticket my brother, saying there was no evidence he was negligent or speeding. I guess our questions stem from concern with the aftermath. If the gentleman does not make it, what are the repercussions that could follow? If he does, does he have any ground to stand on to sue? My brother's father (he's actually my half-brother) is a well-known doctor in town, so I'd be surprised if that route wasn't looked at. I have read a little about how NC negligence laws follow the doctrine of contributory negligence, but I know that isn't going to stop someone from trying. I also suggested my mother talk to their car insurance about this event (they have collision and liability coverage). Is there something else we should be aware of? Is there something my family should be doing right now? We're grateful for any advice to cover something we aren't considering, especially since most of our focus is on my brother's emotional health following the accident. Update: My mother got a copy of the police report this afternoon and it again says that my brother was neither speeding or negligent. According to witnesses, the gentleman spent a lot of time hanging out at the car wash in front of which the accident occurred and employees from there confirmed he had really poor eyesight. It seems likely he really didn't see my brother when he dashed out. At this point, I think its a waiting game, but I'll continue to share any comments with my mother. She's been interested to hear other's thoughts and is appreciative. I'll try to update more if anything changes in the future. Thanks again!