Hi, My car was involved in a car accident recently (while I was a passenger) that damaged the frame of the vehicle. As the car is pretty old, the non-professional assessment of the tow truck driver was that the car was totaled, and I agreed. I took all personal belongings and left the car in the storage lot it was towed to. Later, I received the VA Crash Report, which confirmed that the other driver took unsafe action and was charged at the scene. (The driver of my vehicle was deemed to have taken "No Improper Action".) I didn't have collision coverage on my vehicle (since it was so old), so I figured any recovery of damages would come from the other driver's insurance. I contacted their insurance and requested recovery of damages. After over a month of sporadic communication from their side, they are now saying that they won't pay any damages due to Virginia's contributory negligence laws. (In other words, they seem to be claiming the driver of my vehicle was at least 1% responsible.) This puts me abruptly and unexpectedly on the hook to not only get no cash back for the vehicle but also to pay for the substantial costs of the towing and storage of the vehicle. What can I do here? I'm of the opinion that the other driver was 100% at fault and that they should cover my damages. Further, the insurance company's non-responsiveness has vastly *increased* the size of the damages in terms of storage fees. At this point I just want the situation to go away, but I don't know how to **stop racking up massive daily storage fees** without telling the storage place to tow the car to the dump or something; it seems like doing that would lose me any option to avoid footing the full bill (for rental car, tow, long-term storage, and disposal). Do I have to take them to court? Or am I just out a few thousand dollars regardless of what I do? Any help appreciated.