Earlier this month, my infant son tripped and fell and got a small cut to the left of his eye. I took him to a doc-in-the-box office, as it was a Sunday evening and I didn't think it warranted an ER visit. The doctor said he would use a little derma bond to close the cut. My son was very scared and agitated after it was cleaned out with peroxide. So he held my son down on his side under his entire bodyweight, and the bodyweight of a male nurse, and poured Dermabond into the cut and because he was laying on his side, the surgical glue ran down his eye and subsequently glued my son's eye completely shut. There was no attempt to shield or protect his eye. When the doctor realized what he did, these two men ripped my son's eye open. Since that day, my son has seen 3 doctors, one of which had to consult with a pediatric ophthalmologist at a Children's Hospital. Another doctor said because my son is so little, there's no way to know the amount of permanent damage done to his eye. His eyelashes are still completely coated in thick surgical glue and there's nothing we can do unless we want to have him put under so they can cut his eyelashes off. The day of the accident, the doctor said he wouldn't charge me for injuring my son (how generous), but I realized later on, this seems like an attempt to stop the paper trail and not have proof. When I called the corporate office, there was no record of my visit. I have been in contact with corporate, the local medical director, and area manager. Do you believe we have any grounds to sue for medical negligence? We have been told that this place would likely want to settle to avoid a smearing of this doctor's name or the graphic pictures of my son's eye being seen publicly.