A doctor made what he called a "horrible mistake" that is going to cost my dad his life in a few years. He took full responsibility for what happened. Basically, my dad has prostate cancer which has spread to a few local lymph nodes. The treatment was going to be CyberKnife for the prostate and radiation for the lymph nodes. Due to a paperwork error, he got too many sessions of CyberKnife, and any further radiation would basically just fry his organs. He can no longer get treatment for the cancer in his lymph nodes. They're going to monitor the spread of the cancer to have a better idea of how long he has, but they basically said worst case would be two years, but probably more like 5 years. He's 62, and this is his first health problem. The doctor mentioned reporting the mistake to the state (Colorado). So, he in no way denies the mistake. He called it horrible and apologized, so I don't think he's a terrible person or anything... but his mistake is costing my dad's life. It's awful. They're not sure if a lawsuit is really something they want to do because it won't take my dad's cancer away. They also don't want to spend the last few years of his life in a legal battle, when my mom figures something like that wouldn't pay out for a long time anyway. They're not in desperate need of money or anything, so I think they'd rather not go through the hassle if it won't change much of anything for them. That brings me to some questions, just so I can have information available for my parents if & when they want it. If they end up deciding to pursue something, how much time do they have to make that decision? What kind of lawyer would they contact? Would it be a long, drawn-out and painful process? They believe positive thoughts will help my dad, and they really don't want to focus on negativity & do anything stressful. Finally, do you think it's worth it for them when they only have a few years together, and money isn't really a problem for them? The only benefit to money gained from a lawsuit that I can see is that they could possibly retire together and spend my dad's last few years together. On the other hand, if he only has a few years left, I don't want them to have to stress about legal stuff. What kind of information can I give them? Thank you.