If you are unfamiliar with my story, my Nmom is ill and requires a Lung transplant. She is not on the waiting list because she is a heavy smoker who cannot last the minimum requirement of 6 months smoke-free to be considered. She tried to coerce me for one of my lungs, but I refused. I told the doctors about the manipulation attempt and they told her no surgery due to ethical concerns. Check out this post: [\_i\_will\_not\_give\_nmom\_my\_lung/]( ​ I was working on some homework in my room and went to the restroom. I usually leave my laptop locked, but completely forgot this time. Nmom walks into the room for whatever reason, looks at my laptop and starts snooping. I come out of the restroom and see her with a red face filled with rage. She yells, "YOU WRITE ABOUT ME TO STRANGERS?!! How could you?!?" I was stunned and felt the world spinning as I stood there speechless. We got into an argument as the only thing on my mind was how she violated my privacy. I remembered I had a Reddit tab open. She never uses this site and has no idea what my account name is or even what a subreddit is. She still doesn't because all she saw was a body of text and read a few sentences. She mentioned that she wasn't violating my privacy and that she was just trying to Google something. Ndad heard all the commotion and Nmom went downstairs to tell him. They both turned on me. I wasn't answering their questions because Nmom was behaving like a child, while coughing all over the place. They ganged up on me, calling me nasty names. I snapped and screamed, "Yes! I write about you and your abuse! Because it's the only way I know how to cope with this shit!" Her face got even more red and for a second I thought she was going to cough up one of her black smoked-up lungs. She went to the kitchen to get some water and I followed to tell her to never use my laptop again. That is when she threw another fit and smashed two dish plates all over the floor. I quickly backpedaled and stepped on a sharp shard, cutting the bottom of my right foot real bad. There was blood everywhere and I was in so much pain after the adrenaline wore off. Nmom started crying (can you believe that?) and rushed upstairs to her room. Ndad helped me out, but not without continuing to blame me and saying, "This is all your fault." Now here I am at the hospital getting stitches. I can barely walk because of the intense pain. I guess this was all a matter of time, with Nmom facing death with her poor deteriorating health. She finally blew up and it was directed towards me. Maybe all those delusions wore off, where she believed that there was a case to sue the hospital for negligence. I don't know. I'm just in shock at how rapidly my life took a turn for the worst. Ndad is in the waiting room and keeps getting calls from Nmom, who is still freaking out, "The internet is talking about me!" I suspect he is only here out of obligation or something. The doctor asked how I got hurt. I only told him I stepped on broken ceramic because it's all overwhelming right now. I'm 18 and they would not call CPS if they knew everything. Nmom cut off my cell service and if she knew I was using the hospital wifi writing this, she would probably... I don't even know at this point. Doctor is back, I gotta go. Thanks for reading. This is a nightmare, but I will stay strong! ​