I’m in Georgia. My doctor made deviations from what we discussed with my rhinoplasty. I went in for 2 rhinoplasty consultations with my surgeon. In the first digital edit of my face he shaved my bridge down and brought my tip up, giving me an elven/childish, doll-like look. Immediately I said that was exactly what I didn’t want because I felt it looked silly on my face. He made a remark that the tip angle I had was a “male tip” and should be drawn upward. I explained it was not the look I was going for. He made another edit taking in my concerns and it mirrored exactly what I was aiming for. I felt uncomfortable with how fixated he was on my bridge and tip, so a month later I  scheduled a second consultation to really hammer it home of what I wanted and did not want to see done. I even brought photos of a model with a similar face shape and a long nose with a slight bump saying “I like my bump and the length of my nose. Drawing my tip upwards will shorten it and make my nostrils visible”. He agreed. I asked if this result was possible. I just wanted to bring my wider nose in and have a refined tip, not elevating it. He assured me it was possible and something he could do. This conversation is corroborated by his dictations in my medical file. I felt confident we were eye to eye. He commented “It’s important that it’s not about what I want, but what the patient wants”. I felt at ease. A month later after coming to from surgery, he spoke to me briefly about the types of discomfort I would have, one being the bridge “will be sore from where we shaved”. That was red flag one. When the dressing removal came, the woman who sees all his patients exclaimed “It’s so cute! I love the little signature tip he gives all his patients. It’s like his signature and it’s just so cute.” At this point I hadn’t seen my face, but that was frightening. What the FUCK is his “signature”?! Red flag two. We didn’t talk about that AT ALL. When she handed me the handheld mirror, I swear I heard ringing, saw red, time slowed. It was exactly what I said I didn’t want. My tip was skyward to heaven and my bridge was completely scooped out. Elven. Like a sugar plum fairy. Pig-like. I was silent and thanked her for her time and left that appointment and cried daily. I felt like my bodily autonomy was not in my control. I was walking around with someone else’s ideals plastered on my face instead of something that reflected my ideas and what I wanted. I was so disgusted.  I had 2 follow up visits with my surgeon after that. The first one was 1 week after the cast removal, where he assured me everything was done to my ideas and discussion. He brushed the “signature tip” comment off as “it means I do stitching well”. In my medical document there was a photo of my profile with a pen markings scooping into my bridge and the tip being rotated upwards. I asked about it and said “Is that the projected result?” He said “No, no. It (my tip) won’t be anywhere that high and didn't take anything down from the dorsal!” He told me there was severe swelling still and everything will come down in about 3 months. I asked "So you think *this* (gesturing to my nose) will turn out like *that* (pointing to the edited photo)*?* He replied, "Oh I think very much so, yes!" 3 months in I saw no changes and had my second follow up where at this point I asked him what went wrong because it was evident there were deviations in his work from what the desired results were. He stood his ground and claimed he could see nothing wrong. I brought in my own side-by-side comparison photos, showing the edited photo and the results. The juxtaposition made the failure obvious. My bridge was sloped inward, my tip at a 25° angle, nostrils visible, nose looking significantly shorter. He stared confused as if he couldn't see it. My mother was present and we both were growing impatient with his adamant "I can't see it" attitude. I asked what my options were as far as receiving a refund for his surgical fee only as this was so far off the mark. He got agitated and told me "No one has ever in his career asked for a refund". (Which is false, because in his online reviews there were mentions of "He did poor work and will not give you a refund" which says to me his patients have inquired." I got nowhere with him in that meeting as he turned antagonistic and said "I don't know" to whether or not my nose will turn out as he projected. A stark difference from "of course! No no!" to "I don't know. What do you want me to tell you?". ​ 6 months later I got a second opinion from a surgeon who, after examining me and reviewing my surgeon's operation notes, confirmed that he did indeed shave my bridge down and over-rotate my tip. He said it was obvious how different it was and he was shocked. He also told me the "refined tip" was never possible for me as I have thick skin and it's just not possible for thick skinned individuals to achieve that aesthetic. I also was left with skin that pulls under my nose when I smile which my surgeon said was to keep my smile stiff as to not pop the stitches during healing, but described it as temporary. Doctor #2 said "That's due to bringing in the nose and isn't something that can go away unfortunately". So, my doctor lied to me. Did everything I said I did not want. I feel helpless and taken advantage of with my bodily autonomy especially as I had taken precaution scheduling multiple consultations to solidify that my doctor and I were on the same page before my procedure. I'm walking around with a product of someone else's ideals of what they wanted to achieve rather than what I had paid for.  Ideally, I am seeking compensation for the doctor's procedural fees as I will likely need to have this corrected in the future.  Do I have a case to sue? I know elective procedures are the hardest to prove negligence or fault, but this is so blatantly wrong and I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this. I'm now stuck paying off an expensive procedure that was never truly my own. I'm not sure of the rules and if I'm allowed to post the before, edit, and post op photos. I have documentation of my patient file, including his dictations on our 2 consultations of what I was seeking, photos, and recordings of our 2 follow up meetings post-op for. ​ ANY help is greatly appreciated. Sorry this was long.