I’m not sure if I’m just spewing all of this out of anger. But I am angry. And scared. **This post has some medical details that some can find gross or disturbing** I (19F), living in the United States, have been suffering from horrible cramps for 7 years. In the beginning, family thought I was just overreacting from it. Then when I started to black out from pain, doctors got involved. The first gynecologist I went to did an outpatient surgery, to check for endometriosis. This happened when I was 15, after I went through a bad time of mental health and went through self harm. From that surgery, the only thing that came out of it was the doctor telling my mother about the self harm scars that she saw. Nothing about what she was checking for. She tried to basically say that the pain was all in my head, because of my anxiety and depression. After that, I went through a ton of therapy, which I did not like. The pain was still horrible. Few years pass, so do other gynecologists. They just put me on a few different birth controls, still the pain stayed and even got worse, to the point where it was next to paralyzing. My friends mother was very thrilled to explain to me about her gyno. I took what she said, and I was super excited. This woman was telling me that her doctor was an absolute live saver, helped her from so much pain. I thought “this is it! Somebody to finally help!” This is when it got worse. I finally made the appointment with this gyno, excited to get the help I finally needed. This was 2 years ago. When I went, I explained to her all of the pain, the specific spots of where I hurt and how much it hurt. How badly it affected my daily life. I brought up PCOS, because I have all of those effects when it comes to that disease. She said she was going to check something. All she did for me was put a dry, gloved finger into my vagina and felt around. Said “You feel tender, but nothing feels wrong. Nothing can be wrong with your ovaries because you’re on birth control.” Mentioned the inpatient surgery that I did 5 YEARS AGO, and said nothing could’ve changed since then. I even asked to be tested and she said it would be a waste of time, and nothing would be found. And that was it. Just put me on a different birth control and moved on. I was absolutely livid. The pain never stopped, and so I started using medical marijuana. It was the only way I would be pain free for a few hours, since no pain meds ever worked. I had a talk with my hairdresser, and she really pushed me to demand tests from my doctor. So I did. My doctor said I “didn’t fit the picture (ex. The ‘picture’ is obese and have acne, which I am or have neither) but she did the tests anyway. She had me do a urine sample, blood tests, and an ultrasound. I got all of that fun stuff done and over with. Now for the results. After all this time, after all of this crippling pain, horrible days and paralyzing, sleepless nights, I have come to learn that there are multiple cysts covering both of my ovaries. Multiple. I am overwhelmed, not sure to say I’m excited about this news but now I know something is wrong. All I can think is that horribly gyno who failed to help me, did not want to do any tests because she thought it would just be a waste of time. She failed me. Am I able to sue her for doing jackshit, knowing that I do indeed have the medical issue that she did not test for? I feel like this is mostly out of anger, but that woman does NOT deserve a medical license. It makes me wonder how many other women she failed. Thank you in advance for reading and if anybody helps out, bless you TLDR; gynecologist said nothing can be wrong because I’m on birth control, never tested me even though I asked for it. Got tested by another doctor, come to find out that there was something completely wrong. Multiple cysts on both ovaries. I want to sue her for negligence. Want to know if it would even be a case.