Are there any REAL Forensic Digital Detectives out there This is long but I need help I'm a noob and as you read you'll see why I am a noob. Please forgive the lengthy story but it's very hard to sum up 6 years in a smaller statement so I'm sorry for that in advance ... Also note: it took balls to write this and Come to the public.. Bc I'm scared and I know he will see it. So I ask simply not to call me crazy... NO IM NOT CRAZY I HAVE POLICE IN TWO COUNTIES TRYING TO HELP BC I HAVE SO MANY EVIDENCED DOCUMENTS CALL RECORDINGS VIDEO RECORDINGS PROOVING IT IS EXACTLY WHAT IT IS AND ALSO BEFORE YOU READ I AM A PSYCHOLOGIST, PLEASE DONT SAY I NEED 1 BC ITS A KICK IN THE VAJ.. ALREADY HURTS I HAVE TO SEE A SHRINK WHEN I AM ONE MYSELF BUT I CANT COPE WITH THE SEVERE PTSD ANXIETY AND INSOMNIA HE HAS GIVEN SO I SOUGHT OUT A SHRINK ETHICS WILL NOT LET MY FELLOW DOCSS SEE ME... APA RULES... IT TOOK ALOT OF BALLS TO EVEN COME TO PUBLIC WITH THIS SADLY.. SO JUST SAYING IM A VICTIM OF A SEVERE CRIME(S)..PLEASE BE NICE Yea so I’ve paid out top $ to top supposed internet detectives forensic techs etc… Money schemes.. yet I find ANONYMOUS, reddit’s users, four chans users, and youtubes people/users are the BEST at figuring out the truth…literally. For example @Reignbot …Seriously caring folks for humanity and otherwise so besides the phone call saying “im going to F–K you, Kill you and F–K you again… There’s 6 years more of bad threatening and scary shit he does.. I acquired this individual from YouTube during an supposedly arg which possibly wasn’t arg at all and you all may know of it.. It was hella popular no lies… I’ve just recently found his phone number and his address. So here’s a short bit of it and it’s missing probably vital parts to it bc I can’t write a novel of 6 years but you can ask questions about some of it if you're willing to help... if you see typos sorry long nails are sheit on mobile and also I’m new on reddit but was told to come here, however I really have no social accounts and I’m a gamer. Okay so here goes…it's long and I'm sorry but explaining 6 year's shortly is hard my bad please give it a chance... Ok.. I acquired this individual from YouTube during an supposedly arg which possibly wasn’t arg at all and you all may know of it.. It was hella popular no lies… I won't detail super stuff because I'm scared to. There are ways consequences..... However, you can ask questions and I seriously hope and beg that you do through IM as I can give you chronological and specfic intricate details that I can't put on this poster out of fear etc..yea pretty messed up...and I scared shitless bc this guy is a self acclaimed satanist who utilizes satanic magick, and self acclaimed mentally ill with a paranoid disorxer and has something called a god complex, plus his tumblr is scary af... Yea...hes a scary vouyer stalker cult hacker dude who's a nutty af creepy af bc he stalks me every dayyyyyy...10 am easter 9 am central time everyday... So onward.. Member this is long and I'm sorry but it's been 6 years I have seen CARING MASSES OF INDIVIDUALS on these social platforms… all in all bottom line is I need the truth and to find him or him and his satanic cult because it goes from deep web doxxing making fake profiles of nudity, videos addressed to me specifically on YouTube with human skulls and ruins, to phone calls involving rape murder and necrophilia... horrific terrorism, to self hate and dark thoughts, back to straight fear and now major diagnoses at a psych when I am myself a psych makes me feel even lower.. Moreover, I was diagnosed with severe debilitating ptsd, agoraphobia , insomnia, and anxiety.. and just so on and so fourth…his/their psychotic party against me never ends… And since I have a masters in CB psych honestly I have NEVER had to see a doctor for this… Anyhow mental terrorism-related mental schemes that many younger girls than I myself , are cyber stalked and extorted mentally broken down and finally they wind up killing themselves over it. It’s like a new age serial killer scheme making them kill themselves just to get away from their cyber attackers. Well I sure am glad I was raised by wolves myself and have a huge wall around my ❤️, my mind, my soul, and my behavior and total being. Moreover, I have seen major cases being highlighted and many solved. I myself confided in one single person who once stood by me. This one single person my friend I'll call him D, is the solitary one who knew everything every detail no matter how tiny or subtle and he was hacked I believe because he let one of them of stalkers cult people "family of blood” girls in D's circle of close friends and they then became tight knit buds bc she is single and also too an artist.... We all are…and then anyways I was put behind. Anyhow, D's my friend, a true professional artist and made beautiful videos with major subs on YT and these people the cult and the main hacker (i believe) smashed and fried D's HD with all of his hard work and passionate artistic footage, so they basically forced him like they have many others including me to leave YT..stalker fried 7 of our exspensive electronics.. D my friend talked about leaving YT for a long time prior and he never ever asked for donations for his then my stalker started to mess with him harrassrd him and D wouldn't put up with it so he the stslker sent his little cult girl to infultrate and D ate it up... dumb. … my friend D did it for his passion. He was very close to me as a friend for a long time and only he knew all the horrific and terrorism details.. a heck of a lot about those but it eventually ruined our friendship as the one member of that cult became close to him as an artist she too is….Always beautiful videos from her as well and she previously I believe had beautiful and soothing calm voice stories on another channel and then the chan disappeared..well I’ll say it stopped it’s stories…I know almost for certain by words of D saying she was one of the artists some of the footage from her was part of the films thus that of the arg cult of the supposed ‘arg’ that’s involved with whom is stalking me.. I truly like her, …well I do she was very nice.. but I think she hates me due to the details of this serious issue.. I make videos too.. Good ones..well I a glitchy editor…. but now I can’t upload to share them or even make an account before I face serious implications and consequences like ddos attacks for hours on end.. …either shutting off router over and over.. mobile disabled and of course hacking the account.. So anyways it began 5/6 years ago on YT. Have criminal cases with the city state, the fcc, ic3gov, and the FBI several units actually with the fbi..i have those phone calls and also calls from the stalker or a spoofed number individual or someone that is clearly involved saying he’s Louis. As far as my proof and safety video… it’s about 40mins long showing many evidence proof and phone Records of this as proofs..if something happens to me the channel w the video that says and has hidden glitch proofs and evidence in it. I’ve hidden in thr glitches... The channel is called thestalkedofficial… right now its hidden I wish I could say all the details… Sigh… Bottom line I need help.. Yet I linger and I feel I will never get him/them away from me and it’s like not even a matter of the major crimes they have committed and its not even the trolling, extortion, Id theft , the hacking and harassing/bullying me gets way deeper I can’t say publically all they have done even Microsoft Global Legal found and ask for me to settle and gave me a shitty amount of money bc they themselves saw it and proved I was constantly being hacked invaded and attacked every day and they dont want me to said I shouldn’t have instantly settled… I have tried my hardest to stop this/ these psycho(s).. ..I have attempted to reached out to very FAMOUS names on YouTube like @nick-nocturn and @crappyinternetdetective and @takedownman and then his (takedownmans) channel was removed… I get it it’s scary but I need help I’m no hacker I feel like I have to become one to get them… Anyhow.. Supposedly he (takedownman) or tdm was supposed threatened before via blow up email by a person claiming to be part of the arg bunch of where this all started with me.. Possibly the same bunch of my stalker/cult saying not to investigate the arg or whatever it was…threatening him basically…. However viewer’s or fans of tdm found tdm did use some sick clickbait and manipulation(s) for subs and some pretty evil false stuff for the subs… However, he also would try hard to work on things and crack cases to alert humanity of horrible things happening such as my situation. I have really NO social networks because he/they always find me and on a reg basis.. Tons of ddos attacks manipulates internet use changes vital passwords manipulates phones data and uses also any blue tooth even all our smart tvs.. They all are attacked… And has crazy obsession bc it’s like everyday at ten am my time unless he/they are off work then it can go on all day long. Before I was fearful, and i probably should still be but I am not now at all because I am “packing heavily” now. I have a Masters in CB psychology and anyone who does this and leaves subtle hints is known a psychotic stalker. These are cold calculated and typically very violent depraved sexually and extremely dangerous. I even have got a call confirming that/my thoughts… that he is a psychotic stalker precisely as… (psychology today scholarly info on psychotic stalkers since it’s scholarly and apa accredited this is scientifically studied) which a call came in and a male voice said “Im going to f–+k you kill you and then f–+k you again” and hung up. I acquired this individual from YouTube during an supposedly arg which possibly wasn’t arg at all and you all may know of it.. It was hella popular no lies… top5unknowns on covered their disappearance on YouTube but they the stalker cult people hackers have a new one I found and that also I won’t say publically…However, you can ask questions and I seriously hope and beg that you do through IM as I can give you chronological and specfic intricate details that I can't put on this poster out of fear etc..yea pretty messed up...and I scared shitless bc this guy is a self acclaimed satanist who utilizes satanic magick, and self acclaimed mentally ill with a paranoid disorxer and has something called a god complex, plus his tumblr is scary af... Yea .. …. I use to have my own personal YouTube channel and then one where I edited and did art for fun… I was and now always am forced to shut them down almost immediately when I make new accounts however, YouTube is powered by Google they will NOT HELP YOU and aside they are into the whole satanic thing …oh.. wait… I didn’t even mention that the person on YouTube I have some assumptions on and have had hundred of conversations with him…he is a self acclaimed and highly active practicing Satanist and I am not like most people since I do not know 100% that its him I am NOT going to give much other personal details about him that he himself confirmed to me.. This will not be released to the public bc if it isn’t him he shouldn’t be harassed for all these crimes and evil… . however, he is the one who makes videos that insinuated threat to me and even cusses at me directly through messengers and says off the wall crazy shit like “send more newdz”.. I’ve never sent any but he saves my pics possibly from my cell sent to my husband which he/they harass him and our families are threatened or hacked.. Like anyone around me they will troll and Hack…But in the cops cases they all single him precisely out as most likely the one out of several subjects. They also believe it could very well be him and a grouping of people like a cult and believe I have been doxxed… as well.. Just two weeks ago I’ve became fatally ill and may die. I have never been the one to think a magical force could harm me physically from far away and logically maybe I just am fatally ill due to doc negligence but all of this continues on and there’s no where to turn even with big bucks no one will help medical condition is fatal and I am disabled now…. I have my weapons and my own mma professional training to handle a male trying to attack me with this professional training but this is insane that this person is this psychotic and he won’t ever stop we’ve moved changed all digital equipment s with serial’s imeids etc.. more than a handful of times.. ....Like I have to trick him/them somehow or need someone who knows what they are doing because it will never stop. Maybe someone out there aside from him/them is reading this and knows someone or is someone who can help. There is much to this story I could write a novel and the documemted proof including text picture audio call records…. Loads of proof I have its insane…as it’s gone on 5 years yet I won’t go into detail publically but the rabbit hole never ends and only gets more twisted. Hmu if you have any ideas regarding this situation or if you may know someone advanced enough to help. The person is a hacker possibly elite and uses Linux of course I’ve documented any proofs as you have to over the years so if anything ever happens to me it will be much easier to find him/them. Thanks for taking the time to read and please share because I can’t have socials they won’t allow it… I’m desperate for help for information on this guy/cult. Not only is he dangerous hes a sexually deviant depraved violent predator and an elite extreme hacker that stalks me I need someone to help I have 2 working already I need more.. Me if you may know how to help. please repost to reddit and four chan yt anywhere to get the word out so I may possibly find the truth and stop this madness . Universal blessings to you all and I hope none of you ever have to face something as dangerous and painful as this.. Blessed it be 💞 PLEASE IM ME FOR MORE SPECFIC DETAILS REGARDING THIS CASE POLICE FBI MILITARY FRIENDS ARE ALL INVOLVED I HAVE SOME VERY GOOD INFO I BELIEVE AND HELPING HANDS WOULD HELP ME FINALLY SLEEP AGAIN AND FINALLY HAVE MY LIFE BACK THQNKS TO ALL WHO HECKRD MY POSTER OUT I WILL BE EDITING IT SO ITS NOT SO MUCH TO READ. THANKS AGAIN AND CHOW! IM ME IM ME IM ME IM ME IM MEIM ME👁‍🗨