Goin' out on a limb here... Upon graduation from residency (now years ago) I was named in a lawsuit for a case that had a terrible outcome and I think it has left a mark on me. I went into a legitimate depression for at least 6mo up to a year while the discovery went on and subsequently the deposition. It was a case I knew very well as I had learned of the outcome shortly after. I have dealt with my own demons over the case and I’m confident it was truly not any of my own doing, my attending actually over-rode my own inclinations at the time, which may or may not have changed outcomes but regardless, the guilt and sadness I felt (and crazily still feel as I write this) is immense. I had looked forward to being done with the whole thing only to subsequently be named in a second lawsuit where I am truly only a peripheral player but am still getting deposed. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying these processes are terribly draining. They last for years, every action you do and word you write despite how minuscule is scrutinized, and it’s a constant feeling of guilty until proven innocent, despite potentially doing the best you could do with what was available at the time. I have since found myself an amazing job that I truly love, something I really never thought I’d say. I’m fortunate enough to be compensated well and not required to work a ton, but if I could just work even 25% more a month for like a year or two I could pay off all of my loans quickly and be debt free! What I’ve recently realized is that the ONLY thing preventing me from doing this is fear of litigation. Every extra shift, every extra patient, in the back of my mind is seen as opening a door to a potential lawsuit. I feel I am well respected amongst my peers, my staff, and my patients, and I do my best to practice good EBM and am very aware of the standards of care in my specialty. More often than not it’s usually something I find myself dwelling on after the fact, but it’s becoming exhausting, and it’s limiting my ability to enjoy a job I otherwise get so much satisfaction from. Even cases of near catastrophes that I was influential in preventing, something that I should possibly be celebrating and finding confidence in, I find myself looking for the holes that the lawyer will undoubtedly eventually drag my nose through. I know lawsuits are an unfortunate part of American medicine so I’m not alone in these experiences and need to expect them, but I’m wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to deal with this in a more productive manner? ​ Edit: Just want to say thank you for all the input and advice. Even knowing I am not alone in feeling this way is helpful. I have more to work on but have some good ideas and direction now - thank you.