Hey all, I'm considering this POLY because the teacher coordinator was friendly, honest, and very specific during our 45 minute interview. However, I would like some advice / critique of the contract they offered me because I'm a rookie. Any comments are appreciated! Article 2 Salary 1. The Employee shall be compensated as shown below. A. Monthly compensation shall be 2.7Million Korean won. B. Severance compensation of approximately the average of one month salary shall be provided to the employee at the completion of the Term(minimum one year) of Employment. 2. According to the pertinent laws of the Republic of Korea, all applicable taxes, including, but not limited to, income tax (es), pension and medical contributions, shall be withheld each month from Employee’s salary. Employer is to pay these amounts to the proper government authorities and to provide employee with a monthly receipt evidencing that the government has received these monies. 3. Monthly pay period starts on the 11th of each month and ends on the 10th of the following month (example: Jan. 11 to Feb. 10). Employee shall be paid on a pro rata basis on the (10) tenth day of each month. If this day falls on a national holiday, Saturday or Sunday, the salary will be paid on the immediately following business day. 4. When Employee has not worked a complete pay period, salary for that pay period shall be paid on a pro rata basis based on the number of total work days for that pay period divided by the number of actual worked days in the pay period. 5. If Employee is absent from work with or without having obtained a prior approval, Employee's salary for that month shall be deducted by the amount calculated on a pro rata basis for the number of absent days. 6. Employee shall not claim against Employer any compensation and/or payment other than those provided for in this Contract. Article 3 Supervision Employee shall carry out the duties set forth in Article 4 pursuant to and under specific instruction and supervision of Employer during the period of employment. Article 4 Duties and Position The Employer hires the Employee in the capacity of English Language Instructor (hereinafter “ELI”). The Employee's duties may be reasonably modified at the Company's discretion from time to time. 1. The ELI shall perform the following duties: A. Plan and conduct classes in levels assigned by Employer, using textbooks, materials, course curriculum, and other resources approved by Employer; B. Assist with and participate in activities related to the instructional programs of Employer, including, but not limited to, departmental meetings, general faculty meetings, and special presentations and events; C. Assist with projects related to the activities concerning international cooperation carried out by Employer; D. Assist Employer with out-of-classroom activities related to the regular curriculum of Employer, including, but not limited to, field trips and school-wide assemblies, as well as other extracurricular activities; E. Assist with the development of teaching materials, supplementary materials, tests, evaluations, and other programs related to English language teaching; F. Assist or conduct teacher training for new ELIs under the direction of Employer; G. Assist, monitor, and supervise ELIs in their teaching methodology and implementation, and classroom conduct under the direction of Employer; H. Perform other duties as designated by Employer. 2. All materials developed by Employee while working for Employer will become the property of Employer, and Employee shall not seek compensation and/or payment beyond what is stated in this Contract. Article 5 Work Hours 1. Employee shall work on Monday to Friday from 09:00 ~ 19:05. Approximate class instruction hours of Employee will be 6-7.5 hours per day and 1.5 hours per day for class material preparation and homework check (Predetermined by Employer). Aforementioned days and times may change pending employer’s operational need. 2. National holidays will not include any provisional holidays such as cultural, festival, or election days, set up temporarily. Employer shall decide whether to close the school or conduct classes. 3. Employee will be required to undertake orientation and training for 3-4 days intended to provide employee with the requisite familiarity with institute operation and policies and to ensure that employee possesses adequate knowledge and skills related to duties of employment. 4. Employee shall assist and participate in the following events. Time and location for following events shall be decided by the Employer and may fall on the weekend. A. Teachers’ Workshops (Spring & Fall). B. Campus Orientation Sessions. C. Any activities planned to achieve the duties set forth under Article 4. Article 6 Benefits 1. Medical Insurance Employer shall provide Employee with medical insurance through the National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC). Employee and Employer shall pay fifty (50) percent each of premiums and fees. Employer agrees to provide Employee with a medical insurance card issued to the ELI from the NHIC within 30 days of the Contract commencement date. 2. Pension Employer shall provide Employee with a National Pension Scheme. Employee and Employer shall contribute fifty (50) percent each of premiums and fees. Article 7 Housing 1. Employer shall provide Employee with single housing selected by Employer. Housing selected may include a studio or apartment. Employer may provide temporary housing until the appropriate housing for Employee becomes available. Employer shall pay the monthly rent and deposit on the housing selected. 2. Employee shall pay all costs, expenses, fees, charges, taxes, etc., incurred in using the housing. 3. Employer shall provide the following items: A. Bed and bedding (blanket, pillow, and clean linen); B. Washing machine, stove/burner, refrigerator, table & chair; C. Cooking and eating utensils. 4. Employee shall take care of above items and shall be liable for the cost of repair or replacement of these items damaged due to negligence. However, Employee shall not be responsible of said items due to wear and tear from normal use. Please report damage(s) to Employer immediately, if not, it will be deemed Employee’s negligence. 5. Employer reserves the right to conduct announced inspection(s) of housing provided to Employee. 6. 50,000 Korean won shall be withheld each pay period from Employee’s pay as a security deposit. Employer shall return the accrued deposit, less deductions if any, to Employee at the end of the Employment Period. 7. If Employee chooses not to accept the housing provided by Employer, Employer shall provide Employee with 200,000 Korean won per month as a rent subsidy in lieu of Employer provided housing. Article 8 Airfare 1. Employer shall provide the Employee a one-way economy-class airfare for the big cities of Employee’s home country such as Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Seoul-Incheon International Airport. Employer agrees to purchase the one-way airfare for the Employee prior to Employee departing for Korea. 2. All connecting flights within the Employee’s home country, or any other flights not provided for in the travel itinerary authorized by Employer, shall be paid for by Employee. 3. If Employee’s contract is terminated, whether by Employee or Employer, within six months of the contract commencement date, Employee shall repay the price of the ticket on a pro rata basis calculating the number of days that the Employee has worked since the start of employment. 4. After Employee has completed the full period of employment, and all duties within that period, Employer shall provide the Employee one-way economy airfare from Seoul-Incheon International Airport to the biggest airport of Employee’s home country. However, if Employee renews the Contract for an additional year, return airfare will be provided to the Employee at the end of the renewed Contract period. If already present in South Korea upon signing the contract, after fulfillment of the contract for one year, a one-way ticket back to the United States or Canada will be provided. Article 9 Paid Vacation 1. Employee shall be provided with the Paid Vacation(usually in winter and summer) in accordance with the Academic Year Schedule of Korea POLY School. 2. Paid Vacation is a benefit given to Employee on the assumption that the Employee fulfills the Terms of Employment. In the event the Employee is unable, Employee shall pay back a portion (pro-rated monthly) of Employee’s salary equivalent to the total number of paid vacation days used by Employee. Article 10 Medical Testing Employee will undergo a random drug test (thrice a year) during the period of Employment. Employer will determine the date, time, and location. Article 11 Code of Conduct 1. Employee shall not behave in any manner that may damage or tarnish the reputation of the teaching profession and the Employer. Employee shall comply with and observe any code of conduct applicable to Korean teachers. 2. Under Korean immigration law, Employee shall not receive pay from any other job, including a part time job, outside the duties of Employer, during the Terms of Employment. 3. Employee shall not be involved in any activities, which may cause harm to the students or be of detriment to the reputation of Employer. Article 12 Termination of Contract 1. Resignation If Employee wishes to resign and terminate this Contract, Employee must provide Employer minimum ninety (90) days prior, written notice of resignation stating the last date of work and the reason for resignation. If Employee chooses to resign, the airfare for the return flight shall be paid by Employee and his/her VISA shall be cancelled. 2. Termination by Employer Employer may terminate this Contract for any one of the following reasons: A. If Employee violates the laws of the Republic of Korea; B. If Employee fails to perform or unsatisfactorily performs any of the duties stipulated in this Contract for any reason; C. If Employee is absent from work for more than three (3) days without Employer’s authorization; D. If it is determined, that Employee is prevented from or incapable of performing his/her duties for a medical reason, whether it is a physical or psychological ailment. If requested by Employer, Employee must be immediately available for a medical examination. 3. Probation Period Employee shall have a probation period of ninety (90) days. Employer may terminate this Contract as employer sees fit within the ninety days with justifiable reason to employee. 4. If the Contract is terminated, Employer shall pay Employee a prorated, monthly salary based on the number of days actually worked by Employee during the last pay period of employment. The Employee shall immediately refund the airfare, if any, pursuant to terms under Article 8. Article 13 Confidentiality Agreement This Contract, and all its contents, is entered into based on strict confidentiality between Employee and Employer. Employee shall not disclose any information, and/or contents of this Contract to any third parties without having received prior approval from Employer. Unauthorized disclosure of this Contract, in whole or in part, whether intentional or unintentional, shall result in immediate termination of Contract. In such a case, it shall be considered a termination of Contract by the Employee. Article 14 Miscellaneous Employer shall determine matters not explicitly stated in the Contract by considering Employee’s concern. Article 15 Indemnity Employee shall indemnify for and keep Employer harmless from any liabilities or damages arising from, or in relation to any negligent or illegal activities of Employee, whether intentional or unintentional, during the Term of Employment under this Contract. Article 16 Governing Law and Venue The terms of this Contract and the rights and obligations of the parties named herein shall be interpreted solely according to the laws of the Republic of Korea. If a dispute or disagreement arises in connection with this Contract, the parties shall first try to resolve it in good faith. However, if the parties fail to resolve such disputes to their mutual satisfaction, their disputes shall be resolved by arbitration in Seoul, Republic of Korea, according to Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.